Coltart Goes Against Bulawayo Council Management

By Correspondent Newly elected Bulawayo Mayor, David Coltart has declared a fight against corruption within council chambers. “Our immediate priority must be cleaning up Bulawayo. “The second immediate priority is a review of all historical contracts. “If we find that contracts were not properly entered into there must be cancellation,” he said. Coltart added that […]

ZANU-PF Grabs All 10 Bulawayo Provincial Council Seats

By Correspondent ZANU PF has made a clean sweep of all the 10 Bulawayo Provincial Council seats after CCC failed to field candidates. The elected candidates include Manala Motsi, Eddie Dube, Kundai Nyika, Golden Ndlovu and Mnothisi Nsingo Other included are Moleen Dube and Mlungisi Moyo. However, the election of the all-ZANU PF members has […]

Coltart Admits Opposition Failure After 23 Years

By Correspondent Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) aspiring councillor, David Coltart has admitted that the opposition has failed to run urban councils since its inception in 1999. Speaking after filing his papers for Bulawayo Ward 4, Coltart said if elected he will tackle corruption and improve service delivery. “If there is any justifiable criticism of […]

Mthwakazi Plans Blockade of Matabeleland Entry Points

By Correspondent The Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) has announced plans to close all entry points into Matabeleland in a protest against the smuggling of resources. The protest will take place on June 16, 2023, according to the party’s Youth League. Mudenda Chilumbo, Chairperson of the Youth League said an uprising is needed to stop the […]

Bulawayo Starts What Harare Has Banished

By Correspondent A few months after Harare banned the weekend vending of second-hand clothes in the CBD, Bulawayo City Council is bringing back the same trade. BCC is set to reintroduce the vending popularly known as Khothama, as a way of earning foreign currency. Bulawayo is reportedly under pressure from its workers who are demanding […]

Bulawayo Boycotts Parking Charges

By Correspondent Bulawayo residents are ganging up to boycott Council’s parking partnership with Tendy Three Investment citing exorbitant charges. A local group Bulawayo Business Development Association is leading the boycott. According to a communique by the association, the boycott is scheduled for June 12 to June 17. “Our economy as Bulawayo is failing and we […]

Chitungwiza Posted Its ZITF Stand And Got A Shellacking!

By Correspondent Chitungwiza Municipality is part of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair in Bulawayo but things haven’t gone its way. The town council has been struggling to provide decent services for its residents. Chitungwiza residents constantly complain of water shortages, bad roads and uncollected garbage. However, this hasn’t stopped Chitungwiza from sending a team to […]

The Story of Bulawayo’s US$60m Skeleton

By Correspondent In 2016 a South African company, Terracotta Trading, won the tender to construct a US$60 million mall in Bulawayo. It was structured as a build, operation, and transfer deal. Terracotta would hold a 49% share while local companies would take 51% ownership shares. The company defeated15 other companies to win the tender to […]

Bulawayo Blames ED’s Vending Outfit for Chaos

By Correspondent Bulawayo councilors have blamed ZANU PF activists operating under the Vendors for ED banner for the recent chaos in the city. Speaking recently at a full council, Bulawayo Deputy Mayor Mlandu Ncube said the activists fuelled skirmishes and illegal drugs. “I don’t think you can fight back for selling tomatoes. “Thus where there […]

Gvt Accused of Dictating Usage of Devolution Funds

By Correspondent Bulawayo city fathers have accused central government of abusing its power to dictate how devolution funds should be used. This is against the ideals of devolution which empowers Councils to choose projects.   The revelations were made during a stakeholder meeting dubbed ‘Devolution Funds usage on service delivery hosted by Bulawayo Vendors and Traders […]