GeoPomona’s Role In Harare Budget Saga Revealed

By Correspondent The rejection of Harare’s budget has been revealed to be Government’s way to armtwist Harare into accepting the GeoPomona deal. Harare Council refused to approve the US$320 million deal arguing that it’s not sustainable financially. However, Government has been adamant in pushing ahead with the shady deal which Delish Nguwaya in partnership with […]

GeoPomona Misses Targets As Albanian Partner Faces Corruption Charges

By Correspondent GeoPomona is two years behind schedule having failed to achieve targets which had been set in the initial agreement. According to Schedule 6 and 13 of its agreement, it was supposed to have set up a sorting and recycling plant. This should have been complete at the end of the first 12 months […]

Can Mafume Be Doink The Clown And Deliver?

By Pieter Ziegler “Even better politics would be to re-appoint Doink, Mafume- to lead the new rescue creature under Presidential Powers zvizhakane ikoko.” The statement was George Charamba at the height of his imperial pettiness, grafting partisan politics into his starched official position. The import of his idea was that using the Presidential Powers, President […]