Download: Harare Mayor’s New Year Message

Download: Harare Mayor's New Year Message

I feel deeply humbled to present this New Years’ Message on behalf of the City of Harare and in my Capacity as the Mayor of the Capital City of the Republic of Zimbabwe. I was re-elected the Mayor of the Capital City on the 21st of December 2023 and I would like to pay tribute to my predecessors for holding fort and ensuring that the City remains afloat. Council has had many challenges relating to service delivery

Politics of Garbage

By Correspondent Harare has become the unfortunate victim of political power play between the ruling ZANU PF and the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) which have steadily desecrated its state. Uncollected garbage has become both the abiding motif of Harare’s landscape and the fruition of the political wrangling between the parties. Whereas a simple plan […]

Politics Behind US$500M Cyber City Corruption Storm

By Correspondent Sources close to Presidential investment advisor Paul Tungwarara have dismissed as political machinations accusations that he swindled foreign investors in the US$500 million Cyber City Project in Harare. They said the businessman is a victim of politicians and businessman uncomfortable with his recent rise and proximity to the presidium. “Tungwarara is a reputable […]

Opposition In Stand-Off Against Gvt Over $16B Debt

By Correspondent The opposition controlled Harare City Council is owed over $16 billion by central government raising fears that the ZANU PF Government may be sabotaging them. Speaking to the media this week Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume said the failure by government to pay its dues had resulted in Council failing to pay for its […]

New Demolitions for Wetland Structures

By Correspondent Harare is embarking on a 45 day operation that will see the demolition of illegal structures erected on wetlands. The operation, codenamed Zero Tolerance to Environmental Crimes, will end on 15 December and will cover Harare, Chitungwiza, Ruwa and Epworth. Speaking to state media, Tafadzwa Muguti, the Provincial Affairs and Devolution Secretary said […]

Harare to Have 60 Councilors in 2023

By Correspondent Harare City will get an additional 14 Councilors in 2023 to increase the total number to 60 from the current 46. The increase will be a result of the implementation of the 30% women’s quota which will add 14 seats to the current 46. The additional 30 percent of councillors will be chosen […]