Zaka: Women Lose Out In ZANU PF Primaries

By Correspondent Only 3 female councilors have the chance to return to Zaka Rural District Council from 7 in the passing term. This follows the loss of 4 female councilors in the ZANU PF primary elections. In 2018, Zaka had set the pace as one of the leading Rural Councils in Masvingo province to elect […]

Resignations Cripple Masvingo Health Sector

By Correspondent Masvingo City Council Health Department has been hit hard by a shortage of staff following resignations, retirement and deaths. It has since proposed re-engaging 4 retired nurses and advertising for the recruitment of 4 nurses, 2 Environmental Health Technicians and a waste management officer. Council received seven resignations, one retirement and suffered one […]

Masvingo Council Closing Down Butcheries

By Correspondent Days are numbered for unscrupulous butcheries operating in Masvingo as the local authority moves in to close down outlets selling uninspected meat. Masvingo City council public relations officer Ashely Jinjika said the city has witnessed a surge in the selling of uninspected meat. Resultantly, council will be carrying out an operation to end […]

Council Refuses Use of Tractors for Refuse Collection

By Correspondent Masvingo City Council’s Health Department has turned down the use of tractors for refuse collection as it does not resonate with Council’s ambitions of being a world class city by 2030. The local authority is faced with refuse collection challenges with the refuse department operating with only two refuse trucks. However, one of […]

New By-Laws For Masvingo

By Correspondent Masvingo City Council intends to add 12 more by-laws to the recently crafted 18 to areas that were previously not covered as the local authority moves in to maintain law and order in the city. The local authority in October proposed 18 by-laws, which were crafted for the purposes of regulating various activities […]

List of Masvingo’s 2022 Council Projects

By Correspondent As the year 2022 comes to an end Open Council managed to track some of the capital projects Masvingo City council undertook during the year under review. Below we present the projects and their cost: Rujeko Secondary Rujeko Secondary School is the first Masvingo City Council high school which opened its doors this […]

ZRP Dismiss New Curfew Reports

By Correspondent Police in Masvingo have dismissed reports of an imminent curfew operation dubbed Unoendepi, as alleged by a local councilor. Reports of the curfew were awash on social media groups following a message from Ward 3 councillor Rockford Kamuzonda alerting people of the curfew to be enforced by police from 24 November. “Good morning […]

Hydro-Power Salvation for Masvingo

By Correspondent The completion of the Great Zimbabwe Hydro-Power Plant, that will feed at least 5 megawatts of electricity into the national grid, is set to ease perennial water challenges in Masvingo. The plant is expected to be complete by July 2023. The completion of the system will result in council’s water treatment pumping machinery […]

The Masvingo Cemetery With Disappearing Graves

By Correspondent Masvingo residents have turned the city’s pioneering cemetery into a dumping site as Council continues struggling with refuse management. Jairos Jiri cemetery, located in the vicinity of Runyararo West high density suburb, is the final resting place of pioneering black residents in the then Fort Victoria, but now resembles a garbage site. Prominent […]

Old Masvingo Dumpsite To Be Decommissioned

By Correspondent Masvingo Council’s old dumpsite is set to be decommissioned at the end of the year as it has become dangerous for residents near it and susceptible to abuse by homeless people. Masvingo Town Clerk Engineer Mukaratirwa said the old dumpsite has been constantly experiencing unregulated fires. “There have been incidents of vagrants who […]