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Carnage continues at Harare City Council after Mayor Lovejoy Chitengu was this week recalled by alleged CCC SG Sengezo Tshabangu.

The recall was confirmed by Local Government Minister Winston Chitando.

In a December 11 correspondence to Town Clerk Hosiah Chisango, Chitando explained that Chitengu had ceased to be a part of CCC.

“Reference is made to our minute to yourselves dated November 13.

“Your minute to ourselves dated November 16 and the received communication from Citizens Coalition for Change dated November 26 on the matter of Lovejoy Chitengu who has ceased to be a member.

“In terms of section 278(1) of the constitution of Zimbabwe as read with section 129(1)(k), Ward 36 is vacant.

“Please proceed to inform the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission of the vacancy,” he said.

Chitengu was initially part of several councilors initially recalled by Tshabangu on November 13.

However a spelling error on his name saved him from removal.

His election to the position of Mayor caused a furore as other councilors felt he shouldn’t be elected as he would be recalled.

The latest removal of Chitengu means that Harare has to choose its fourth Mayor a few months after elections.

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