Bulawayo Boycotts Parking Charges

By Correspondent Bulawayo residents are ganging up to boycott Council’s parking partnership with Tendy Three Investment citing exorbitant charges. A local group Bulawayo Business Development Association is leading the boycott. According to a communique by the association, the boycott is scheduled for June 12 to June 17. “Our economy as Bulawayo is failing and we […]

Why Chamisa Winning Will Contradict Nature of African Politics

By Correspondent In 2014/15 Afrobarometer carried out a survey across five African countries focusing on the state of multi-party democracy. The survey involved 9 500 interviews conducted in Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The results were unanimous in supporting multiparty politics but uniquely also revealed a deep distrust for opposition parties. According to […]

Chamisa’s Bubble Bursts At Wrong Moment

By Correspondent The peak of the newly formed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) wasn’t the seats it won in the 2022 by-elections. By the time the seats were won it was obvious they would be won. The actual peak were the huge masses it drew to its rallies just after being formed, before it had […]

The UK Votes For Councilors. Anything To Pick?

By Correspondent Voters in some parts of the UK will be choosing new councillors in 241 constituencies this May. The elections will be used to decide who runs local services which include running schools, libraries and bin collections. Mayoral elections will also take place in Bedford, Leicester, Mansfield and Middlesbrough. In Zimbabwe the dates have […]

The Story of Bulawayo’s US$60m Skeleton

By Correspondent In 2016 a South African company, Terracotta Trading, won the tender to construct a US$60 million mall in Bulawayo. It was structured as a build, operation, and transfer deal. Terracotta would hold a 49% share while local companies would take 51% ownership shares. The company defeated15 other companies to win the tender to […]

Coltart Springs Surprise, Aims For Mayor’s Seat

By Correspondent Former Education Minister David Coltart could become the new Bulawayo Mayor if things go according to plan for CCC. Coltart is allegedly set to contest for the Bulawayo Ward 5 seat against incumbent Tawanda Ruzive. Currently, he is a Senator and the CCC leadership want him to become the Bulawayo Mayor is he […]

Urban Councils Top List of Pension Defaulters

By Staff Reporter At least 14 councils have been named on the Insurance and Pensions Commission’s (IPEC) list of 50 companies that have failed to pay employee pensions. Gweru, Harare, Chitungwiza, Bulawayo, Karoil, Kadoma, Victoria Falls, Masvingo, Bindura, Red Cliff, Chinhoyi, and Plumtree are part of the 50. IPEC’s annual report was gazetted last December. […]

Here Is What You Get By Voting For ZANU PF.

By Correspondent When naked, elections are supposed to be a six-pack figure with erect tufts of oiled hair, ridged muscles and plenty of bravado. They are Captain America. Not here in Kuvikiland. Here elections are an emigrant with a halo of ideas on stilts, patched ambitions and strenuous arguments that ultimately die from hunger. Here […]

Minimum Qualifications For Councilors Late

By Correspondent Some residents have decried the slow pace in the implementation of a law regarding the minimum qualifications for councilors as the country readies for general elections. In a landmark move early this year, Cabinet approved a legal framework that will allow Government to introduce minimum qualifications for councillors in local authorities. The move […]

Bulawayo Blames ED’s Vending Outfit for Chaos

By Correspondent Bulawayo councilors have blamed ZANU PF activists operating under the Vendors for ED banner for the recent chaos in the city. Speaking recently at a full council, Bulawayo Deputy Mayor Mlandu Ncube said the activists fuelled skirmishes and illegal drugs. “I don’t think you can fight back for selling tomatoes. “Thus where there […]