Politics of Garbage

By Correspondent Harare has become the unfortunate victim of political power play between the ruling ZANU PF and the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) which have steadily desecrated its state. Uncollected garbage has become both the abiding motif of Harare’s landscape and the fruition of the political wrangling between the parties. Whereas a simple plan […]

In the Fight Against The Devil, God May Be Chamisa’s Weakness

By Pieter Ziegler In the Old Testament God was a fiery fire that constantly fried enemies into mothballs of smoldering ash at the slightest whiff of sin or opposition. In the New Testament he is all about love and giving the other cheek or cloak. The path to salvation is no longer a bloody episode […]

ZANU PF Honchos In Messy Cyber City Scramble

By Correspondent Some bigwigs in ZANU PF are battling to take control of investors funding the US$500 million Cyber City in Harare’s Mt Hampden area with serious machinations behind the scenes. The battle has resulted in ZANU PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa allegedly flying to Dubai to try and rein the funders to his side. According […]

Mafume Doubles Down on Gvt And Zinara

By Correspondent Harare City Council has resolved to take both the Government and the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) to court over the issue of pending funds. The resolution follows accusations by Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume that government took the responsibility of collecting vehicle licence fees from councils and gave it to Zinara which is […]

What’s In A Name Anywhere; Harare’s Misnamed Horrors

By Wisdom Mumera About 15km out of Harare’s CBD, eastwards along Bulawayo road is a place called White House. By its name one’s mind is immediately given positive images to conjure. Taking upon the famous American residency of their President, one imagines the Zimbabwean White House to copy much from its foreign equivalent. However, in […]

Mnangagwa’s 2025 Housing Vision Fades

By Correspondent Government looks set to miss its 2025 target of 320 000 houses despite President Emmerson Mnangagwa this week officially opening Aspire Park, a residential area comprising 1200 stands. The government has failed to raise any significant funding for low cost housing leaving private firms to partly fill the gap with expensive alternatives such […]

Elections Are Here; The Role Of Your Brain Is To Think

By Wisdom Mumera According to Buenoda Mesquitaetal (2003) a major dilemma in democratic policy-making is that bad policies can be good politics and good policies can be bad politics. In Zimbabwe, politicians have eternally been caught in the throes of juggling two different balls. The ball of selfish agrandisement through bad policies that are actually […]

Chitungwiza Residents Seek Cancelation of Demolition Law

By Correspondent Facing imminent demolition of their houses some Chitungwiza residents have taken to the High Court seeking a determination of the legality of the law being used. The demolition order was issued by Chitungwiza Municipality acting in terms of provisions of section 32 and 37 of the Regional, Town and Country Planning Act. However, […]

Rufaro Marketing CEO Suspended Without Salary

By Correspondent Harare Council has suspended without salary Rufaro Marketing CEO Daniel Mutiwadirwa for allegedly refusing to furnish important documents to an investigative committee. The Chairman of the Board looking into the company’s financials, Obey Shava, said Mutiwadirwa had committed serious misconduct. “The employer has good cause for believing that you have committed a serious […]