Nguwaya’s Geogenix BV Scheme Haunts Harare

By Correspondent The Pomona deal between Harare Council and Geogenix BV is already haunting the capital as private waste collectors are now dumping garbage in the CBD to avoid costs at Pomona. Council said some of the shops in the CBD also use street kids to dump garbage for them. In a statement, it said […]

Ken Sharpe Defends Borrowdale Wetland Destruction

By Correspondent By Correspondent Ken Sharpe, founder of property investment firm, Augur Investments, has defended his firm’s project to build flats on a Harare wetland alleging that it’s dilapidated. Sharpe has since reiterated the point in two different interviews reinforcing his belief in the project. “We will ask them (Harare Council) for any land available […]

Crowborough Farm Set For Demolitions

Council Statement Harare City Council has produced a statement warning residents at Crowborough Farm and other illegal sites to move away before demolitions begin. Below is the full statement: Council has noticed new invasions of council land particularly at our Crowborough Farm. The farm is used for wastewater treatment. This means any human settlement on […]

New Demolitions for Wetland Structures

By Correspondent Harare is embarking on a 45 day operation that will see the demolition of illegal structures erected on wetlands. The operation, codenamed Zero Tolerance to Environmental Crimes, will end on 15 December and will cover Harare, Chitungwiza, Ruwa and Epworth. Speaking to state media, Tafadzwa Muguti, the Provincial Affairs and Devolution Secretary said […]

Pomona Remains A Dangerous Stunt

By Correspondent For the umpteenth time there was a tour of the Pomona Waste-to-Energy site and for the umpteenth there was nothing but dust, garbage and maps to see. A bunch of Ministers was corralled and made to deliver euphoric statements hailing the bare ground as ground-breaking for Harare and the country. It was a […]

Monavale Wetland Under New Threat

By Correspondent The Monavale Vlei, saved by a Supreme Court ruling in 2021, faces a new threat as the developer has proposed to erect 105 cluster homes on it endangering Harare’s water supply among other threats. The news has been meant with consternation by local residents who have begun a petition which has so far […]

Council To Charge Interest On Debts

By Correspondent The Harare City Council has warned residents that from the end of October it shall be charging interests on all debts as it seeks to maintain value for its money. Council is currently owed over US$17 billion by an assortment of residents, businesses and government. In a statement Council said interest shall be […]

Geogenix’s Pomona Business Site Burnt

By Correspondent Geogenix has accused saboteurs of setting fire to its business premises in Pomona after a mysterious fire broke out at the dumpsite on Monday. In statement the company said it was yet to identify the cause of the fire in Pomona but suspected that it was the work of “saboteurs of the project”. […]