Floods: Residents on Wetlands Urged to Evacuate

By Correspondent

Residents staying on wetlands have been urged to evacuate to avoid imminent floods according to Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume.

Mafume said the Civil Protection Unit has warned of flooding in wetlands and low lying areas in Harare.

“The Civil Protection Unit has alerted the city to impeding floods due to incessant rains. These are going to affect the low lying areas in particular Budiriro, Hopley and people who are situated in wetland areas,” he said.

The Mayor said the city has already lost two lives to floods. To avert further losses Harare has set up emergency camps at Budiriro 3 and Kuwadzana 3 Primary Schools.

Below is the full video. https://twitter.com/cohsunshinecity/status/1740295751606157545?t=dVnZJHQg0IFTUVux1-DuSA&s=19

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