Mafume Wins Mayoral Post As Chamisa Loses Again

By Correspondent

Jacob Mafume was elected Harare Mayor for the second time on Thursday in a move that allegedly deepens CCC divisions. CCC leader Nelson Chamisa allegedly preferred second runner up Elvis Ruzani for the position.

Mafume polled 22 votes against Ruzani’s 14. ZANU-PF candidate Temany Utete got a paltry 4 votes. However the return of Mafume to the post which he held after the 2018 elections has not been without controversy.

Mayor Mafume was overlooked for the post twice after the August harmonised elections. It was rumoured that Mafume had been condemned by Chamisa.

His win even after a CCC caucus agreed on Ruzani has served to reveal the depth of CCC factionalism.

According to some sources Mafume is alleged to be part of the Sengezo Tshabangu camp which has been recalling party members.

The camp is alleged to be composed of mainly former PDP members. Mafume replaces Mayor Lovejoy Chitengu who was in office for barely a month. Chitengu was recalled after replacing Ian Makone who was himself also recalled by Tshabangu.

Mafume Wins Mayoral Post As Chamisa Loses Again

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