Recalled Norton Councilors Dump CCC, File As Independents

By Correspondent

Former Norton Town Council Chairman Eshawadi Chamunogwa and Clr Emmanuel Chikaponya filed their papers as independent candidates on Monday.

The two are CCC members who were recalled by self-appointed Interim SG Sengezo Tshabangu.

However in a bid to protect themselves from further recalls or outright removal from the ballot they chose the independent route.

A CCC official in Norton, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said it was the only viable route for them.

“The issue of recalls is tricky and we feel that standing as independents is currently better. Those who were stubborn and tried to contest under CCC were recently barred by ZEC. So it doesn’t make sense to follow the same failed path,” he said.

In Ward 11 Chamunogwa will contest against ZANU PF’s Tinotenda Mafusire who was the previous councilor for the area. In Ward 12 Chikaponya will face off against former independent councillor Laston Tachiona of ZANU(PF).

Tshabangu’s CCC has also placed Edson Kalinga as its candidate in the same Ward. Charles Kudenga, an indepent candidate will also contest in Ward 12.

Contesting As Independent Is Dead End

However, the filing of paperwork as independent candidates by known CCC members has been ridiculed by other experts.

MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora said it was a dead-end.

“Fielding as Independent Candidates when you, in fact, are a member of a political party is such a fatal mistake. As soon as you engage in party politics, you can be recalled.

“The MPs now become so vulnerable and can be recalled by any member of the public,” he said.

Exiled former Minister Jonathan Moyo added that the confusion in CCC spoke of deeper issues.

“The different and conflicting strategies taken by (Nelson) Chamisa‘s six candidates show beyond any doubt that the centre is not holding. In fact there is no centre to write home about, things have fallen apart,” he said.

Recalled Norton Councilors Dump CCC, File As Independents

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