This Has Been A Week of Oaths. What Is An Oath?

By Correspondent Beginning with President Mnangagwa at the National Sports Stadium various politicians have taken oaths this week. From Councilors in Bulawayo, Ruwa, Harare to legislators all have been taking oaths. What is an oath after all? An oath is a public pledge that the politician understands the requirements of the position. In it he […]

Winning CCC Councilor Languishes in Jail

By Correspondent Seke Ward 5 winning councilor Alice Tsingano remains in police custody even as other Councilors were sworn in this week. Tsingano was arrested on allegations of inciting violence made by ZANU PF MP candidate Tobias Maoresa Kashamba. She was arrested along with three other female activists. The four have been denying the charges. […]

Divisions Emerge in CCC Over Mayoral Post

Our Correspondent Divisions have emerged among Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) councillors in Marondera Central as four of them are eying the mayoral post. The opposition party won the majority after grabbing nine of the 12 wards. The other three all went to Zanu PF. However, Open Council is reliably informed the elected CCC councillors […]

Here Is Why Chamisa Is A Dead Man Walking

By Pieter Ziegler In the space of half a year, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)leader Nelson Chamisa has plummeted from his high pedestal to the mire of something less glorious. From a dizzying ledge where he envisioned a haloed future he, today, finds himself in the mire of pondering and working his way through a […]

The UK Votes For Councilors. Anything To Pick?

By Correspondent Voters in some parts of the UK will be choosing new councillors in 241 constituencies this May. The elections will be used to decide who runs local services which include running schools, libraries and bin collections. Mayoral elections will also take place in Bedford, Leicester, Mansfield and Middlesbrough. In Zimbabwe the dates have […]

Coltart Springs Surprise, Aims For Mayor’s Seat

By Correspondent Former Education Minister David Coltart could become the new Bulawayo Mayor if things go according to plan for CCC. Coltart is allegedly set to contest for the Bulawayo Ward 5 seat against incumbent Tawanda Ruzive. Currently, he is a Senator and the CCC leadership want him to become the Bulawayo Mayor is he […]

CCC Primaries Have Become A Secretive Assembly of The Illuminati

By Correspondent Today is two days before the biggest opposition party in the country holds its equivalent of primary elections. As revealed by its leader Nelson Chamisa, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) will be selecting representatives for all offices. Even Chamisa himself is open to being contested. ‚ÄúZanu PF looks for a leader who wants […]

CCC Kicks Away Nomadic Councilor

By Correspondent The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) last month refused to accept an application by Norton independent councilor Laston Tachiona to represent them in the 2023 elections. Tachiona is currently the independent councilor for Norton Ward 12 but wanted to represent CCC in the legislative polls. However, the move was refused by the local […]

Chamisa’s Guerilla Template May Do The Trick

By Correspondent The sight of Nelson Chamisa at Harvest House addressing a wave of supporters just after he assumed power is one that electrifies any politician with orgasmic thralls. It’s the stuff of political wet dreams. However, the journey since then was very much in keeping with the motif of copulation as everything gradually dissipated […]

Here Is What You Get By Voting For ZANU PF.

By Correspondent When naked, elections are supposed to be a six-pack figure with erect tufts of oiled hair, ridged muscles and plenty of bravado. They are Captain America. Not here in Kuvikiland. Here elections are an emigrant with a halo of ideas on stilts, patched ambitions and strenuous arguments that ultimately die from hunger. Here […]