Kadoma Workers Clock 3 Months Without Salary

By Correspondent The City of Kadoma is failing to clear its wage bill with employees currently into their third month with no salary. Sources within Kadoma council said the problem is being worsened by a poor rates collection efficiency. In January Kadoma reportedly collected RTGs400 million of which RTGs50 million was deducted as a reserve […]

Is This A Baboon Attack Or Suicide?

By Correspondent It’s often stated that all political projects carry the seeds of their own destruction within. In the same picturesque narratives of a bright new future, there lie the wire strands that will snag the movement. Nelson Chamisa’s Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), is carrying the dreams of many hoping to escape the vapid […]

Opposition Clamping Itself Out Of Power

By Correspondent The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has suddenly found itself at crossroads with its urban support base due to a wave of vehicle clamping operations in the CBD. In a bid to restore order to the CBD municipal police and City Park officials have been clamping and towing many vehicles including those […]

Mafume’s Small Victories Offer Hope For Opposition

By Pieter Ziegler This week the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) finally conceded ground in its trench warfare with Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume and agreed to a meeting. Over the past months, the two have been waging an attritional media battle with statements and accusations flying all over the place. Barely armed for combat against […]

Kwekwe Mayor Suspended

Correspondent Local Government and Public Works Minister Hon. July Moyo has suspended Kwekwe mayor  Angeline Kasipo and two other councillors Melody Chingarande and Makomborero Mlambo, for incompetence, gross misconduct and violation of the Urban Councils Act.  The date exhibited on the letter of suspension, February 28, 2023, indicates that it was authored just a day […]

Mwonzora Recalls 3 Norton Councilors

By Correspondent MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora has recalled 3 Norton Town Councilors on allegations that they have defected to the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). The three Councilors are Clr Charles Dube from Ward 2, Clr Muchaneta Munyeveri, Ward 3 and Clr Rosemary Chinoera, Ward 9. One of the recalled Councilors, Clr Chinoera was quoted […]

In the Fight Against The Devil, God May Be Chamisa’s Weakness

By Pieter Ziegler In the Old Testament God was a fiery fire that constantly fried enemies into mothballs of smoldering ash at the slightest whiff of sin or opposition. In the New Testament he is all about love and giving the other cheek or cloak. The path to salvation is no longer a bloody episode […]

Elections Are Here; The Role Of Your Brain Is To Think

By Wisdom Mumera According to Buenoda Mesquitaetal (2003) a major dilemma in democratic policy-making is that bad policies can be good politics and good policies can be bad politics. In Zimbabwe, politicians have eternally been caught in the throes of juggling two different balls. The ball of selfish agrandisement through bad policies that are actually […]

Scott Sakupwanya Faces ZANU PF Revolt

By Correspondent Mabvuku Ward 21 Councilor Scott Sakupwanya is facing a revolt in his ward after some party youths raised complaints against him. The ZANU PF youths in his Ward 21 accused the mining mogul of disappearing after winning the constituency and not doing anything. “Mabvuku is our home and it doesn’t belong to Scott […]