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Bulawayo Mayor David Coltart has revealed that he isn’t resigning as he has pressing city issues to deal with.

Coltart also revealed that Chamisa had not asked him to resign during a private phone call.

In a statement the Mayor said he would have preferred that no one resigned.

“As I indicated last week my main concern was to consult widely before making any decision.

“The overwhelming response, particularly from the Bulawayo public, has been to remain in office.

“Bulawayo faces unique challenges at the present time.

“Aside from being in a disastrous state after decades of neglect, it is running out of water and faces severe water shortages this coming year.

Coltart added that he felt that he could make a difference by remaining as Mayor.

“Whilst of course there is little that I as one person can do to remedy this, I have been involved in critically important initiatives during the last few months to provide short, medium and long term solutions to the crisis.

“If I were to resign now some of these initiatives may be undermined to the detriment of the City as a whole.

“It is also pertinent to mention that when Nelson Chamisa telephoned me to notify me in advance of his intention to resign I asked him what his expectations were of me.

“His response was that I should keep on the work I have been doing.

At no point has he asked me to resign,” he added.

New Party

The issue of resigning from the embattled CCC has become a contentious issue in opposition circles following Chamisa’s exit.

Many have accused those that have remained of being part of Sengezo Tshabangu’s camp.

So far former legislators Fadzayi Mahere and Rusty Markham have resigned in solidarity with Chamisa.

However, the majority have remained in their posts while affirming support for Chamisa.

Chamisa himself is rumoured to be planning the setting up of another party.

At the weekend his right hand-men Gift Siziba and Amos Chibaya addressed rallies in Manicaland.

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