By Pieter Ziegler

Nelson Chamisa’s exit from the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) was as sudden as it was shocking.

Yet, in the context of his two losses in both 2013 and 2018, such a sudden exit makes sense.

It’s actually a convenient shedding of old skin in a bid to reprise his vaunted role as the way to salvation.

His social media army remains unparalled in toxic defense of his podium position.

However, in the swirl of paens from his supporters they has lately crept caution and even attacks.

The aura around him has slowly dimmed, rays of bleakness and doubt have crept in.

Many have begun to question his staunch religious beliefs seeing their intrusion into politics as a hindrance to success.

Like before, he remains obstinate about that.

Recently, while responding to accusations that he constantly acted unilaterally without any advisors, his answer was short, sharp and infuriating.

“I have the Chief advisor who is the Holy Spirit,” he responded.

Bible verses are a Chamisa staple but to a frustrated population they have become the window into how this version of opposition may be stunted and ineffective.

The Main Problem Remains

Political Science University lecturer Fanuel Jonga located the opposition problem as being ideological deficiencies.

“The opposition first needs to have an ideological foundation upon which everything else is built.

“Hatred for ZANU PF isn’t enough to provide bearings to the movement on where it seeks to go.

“As it is, the factor binding them is simply a contrarian spirit to the status quo which isn’t enough”.

Chamisa doesn’t appear to be burdened by such thoughts.

He is simply looking for a new movement in which to house his political and religious beliefs.

For those against him, he is simply seeking to move away from potential power opponents and group around himself convenient hand-clapping worshippers.

Indeed, there is no shortage of hand-clappers and that is a foreboding scenario for a party that is in serious need of some hard truths going forward.

From the Tshabangu debacle, it can argued that the genesis of the problem was the hoarding of power by Chamisa.

Thus failure to appreciate that Chamisa must rectify his leadership style means that the future offers no hope.

His moving away to start a new movement means that its simply transferred hope nothing more.

His legion of supporters will simply have a new party name upon which to perch their hopes.

Meanwhile the reality is that the cycle will continue.

Unless and until the verses are diluted, an ideology is found and a new approach to politics is created.

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