By Open Council

South Africa may run out of water by 2030 according to a report by the eNCA.

The publication states that a recently released National Water and Sanitation Master plan revealed this.

“(It) indicates that demand for water will exceed available supply by 2030 if preventative measures are not taken.

“Seven of the 13 major systems in the country are expected to fall short if their capacity is not increased.

“Experts are now warning that day zero may come much sooner.

However, according to a quoted official, Interwaste Director of Business Development and Marketing, Kate Stubbs, the situation can still be salvaged.

She said it’s not too late to fix the water infrastructure.

Stubbs added that this would require collaboration from different entities and the government.

Some areas of SA are already facing water shortages.

The South African Human Rights Commission found that ten municipalities are failing to supply water to communities.

The water challenges, also being experienced in Zimbabwe and other countries are a result of both developmental and climate change issues.

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