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Newly elected Harare Mayor Lovejoy Chitengu is leading a delegation that will spend US$30K within 3 days in Nyanga.

The 8 councilors, 5 officials, 2 drivers and an aide are attending the Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking at Troutbeck Nyanga.

Other councilors attending include recently Deputy Mayor Muronda, Clr Mande Ruzani, Clr Jakopo Clr Machirori, Clr Chabuda and Clr Makuwere.

Officials include Town Clerk Chisango, Human Capital Director Major Marara, Finance Director Kusangaya, Chimbetete and Hlabanu.

The drivers are L Nyanga, P Mudzambara and the Town Clerk’s aide.

The three day event ends on 29 November.

Shocking Amount

An internal circular revealed that the event will gobble over US$30K of council funds.

“8 councilors 5 officials, 2 drivers and an aide be authorized to attend the ZIST conference at Troutbeck Inn in Nyanga from the 27th to the 29th of November.

ZIST is an organisation which brings strategic solutions using home grown solutions.

According to Council the objectives of attending are to find new financial and business partners.

It is hoped the councilors and officials will also expand their networks to top level business contracts.

Council also expects them to discover and learn best practices from leading and fast growing companies.

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