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Chikomba Rural District Council has committed nearly half of its US$9m budget for 2024 to road rehabilitation.

The district has some of the worst roads in Mashonaland East Province.

The RDC CEO Bullen Chiwara outlined these plans during a recent stakeholders’ meeting in Chivhu.

He said their major targets are roads and upgrading of the water system.

“Government administration will take 23% (US$2. 1m), 13% (US 1. 2m) will be channelled towards water and sanitation.

“22% (US$2. 1m) social services, 37% (US$3. 6m) towards roads, 2% (US$152 200) public safety and security.

A further 3% (US$323 575) will go towards natural resources conservation management according to Chiwara.

Chiwara also highlighted that the council is working on construction of health centres.

They include Gamanya Clinic as well as Chitunho School in the Masasa area.

Council is also looking into servicing some residential stands at Sadza Growth Point.

It will also work to improve the area’s water and sewer reticulation system.

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