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About 9 of the 12 wards in Marondera Central constituency have been affected by the delimitation exercises leading to a change of boundaries.

The delimitation exercise is done after every census.

The changing of ward boundaries was announced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) officials this Thursday at a stakeholders meeting held at Mbuya Nehanda Hall.

Below are the changes to Wards in Marondera Central

Ward 1-Retains all its polling stations and had the Farmer’s Hall polling station which was once in Ward 11 added to it.

Ward 2-Retains all polling stations but had Ruware Primary school which was in Ward 3 added to it.

Ward 3-Has lost Ruware Primary School polling station to Ward 2 leaving all other polling stations intact.

Ward 4-Ward 4 is now only those who vote at Chitepo School. It has lost its Blossom and Dombotombo Polling stations.

Ward 5-Retains all its stations and had Dombotombo primary school polling station added to it.

Ward 6-Ward 6 retains all its polling station and had Blossom once in Ward 4 added to it. Ward 7-Remains unchanged.

Ward 8-Remains with only those who vote at Nyameni Primary and loses RG Mugabe Primary school polling station.

Ward 9-Remains unchanged

Ward 10-is now those who vote at RG Primary and Faith Ministries in Paradise Park.

Ward 11-retains DA polling station and had Godfrey Huggins and Borrodale Polling stations added to it. In short Winston Park and Paradise Park are now under Ward 11.

Ward 12-Remains unchanged

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