Harare urged to consider alternative energy sources to escape huge ZESA bill

Harare City Council has been urged to consider adopting alternative energy sources as a way of reducing its power bill from ZESA.

Electricity constitutes about 32.52% of the council’s ZW$8.6 billion creditors book as of 30 September 2022.

Presenting the proposed 2023 budget statement, Finance and Development Committee chairperson Councillor Costa Mande said this is not sustainable.

‘’Your Worship, creditors rose to ZWL 8.6 billion as of 30 September 2022 from the January opening balance of ZWL 3.37 billion against the backdrop of constrained revenue inflows.

‘’The major drivers to the creditors position are listed below: i. Electricity charges: 32.52 %, ii. Statutory obligations: 29.49 % and iii. Trade creditors: 19.22%.

‘’Electricity charges have long been high and there is a need for sustainable measures to be put in place. Alternative sources of energy should be pursued,’’ he said.

Debtors book balloon to ZW$56.691billion

Meanwhile, Councillor Mande also revealed that Harare continues to be saddled by a huge debtors book. Currently the debtors book is now around ZW$56.691 billion largely dominated by companies and residents.

He said if people want to continue staying in Harare, they should understand that there are costs attached to it.

‘’Your Worship, our debtors continue to grow monthly. Debtors rose to ZWL 56.691 billion to 30 September 2022 from the 1 January position of ZWL 16.8billion.

‘’Debtors disaggregation is as follows, commerce and industry 43.64%, domestic 35.56%, government, general 5.07%, sundry debtors 12.68% and Dormitory towns 3.05 %. Council continues to be saddled with the effects of a huge debtor’s book.

‘’Non-payment of rates negatively impacts on service delivery. Ladies and gentlemen living in the city have costs that are attached to it and every effort should be made to pay. For the city to be able to provide sustainable services, ratepayers, should be prepared to honour their obligations,’’ he said.

Harare urged to consider alternative energy sources to escape huge ZESA bill

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