Lovemore Chazingwa

The City of Kadoma has clocked 6 months without a substantive mayor since the recalling of Action Nyamukondiwa.

Nyamukondiwa was recalled by the MDC-T on allegations of aligning with Nelson Chamisa’s CCC

Since then Kadoma has Clr Tendai Kokera in an acting capacity.

This is despite provisions within the Urban Councils Act providing immediate grounds for selecting a replacement.

The council chambers have been further depleted as three other councillors were also recalled.

However, acting Mayor Kokera is indifferent to the status quo.

She is reportedly determined to be at the helm until the dissolution of the current council.

One Councilor said Kokera is in no hurry.

“The acting Mayor is not interested to have anyone else occupying the hot seat.

“She is enjoying all the benefits that come with it.

However, the leadership vacuum has had negative effects on the council as divisions widen.

“The office that you are determined to occupy at all costs will one day be occupied by someone else.

“You cost yourself close relations in the darkness of power hunger,” said recalled Councillor Svorai Chiwara in a message to Kokera.

Another sitting Councilor added that, “all the recalls were engineered by Kokera because she wanted to be in the seat she occupies now.

“There’s no way she will convene a special meeting to elect a new mayor.

“She knows she doesn’t stand any chance,” said Cllr Joseph Belo.

However, local governance expert Kudzai Chatiza said there is some provision for council to operate as it is.

“At some level, the forthcoming harmonized elections may justify waiting for a new council rather than formally elect a new mayor.”

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