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Marondera Council water projects are in a state of disarray after only US$31 million out of the total of US$182 million was disbursed by government, leaving a shortfall of US$157 million.

This has resulted in a lot of projects failing to take-off in the small town.

The municipality had proposed budget of US$182 million for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).

However, the acute shortfall has created a huge gap with many projects yet to be done.

“The following wash projects were earmarked for inception by the council for the year 2022 with a budget of $182,6 million.

“To date we have received only $31 million, implying a shortfall of $157.6 million to finish these commitments,” reads a report seen by this publication.

According to the proposed budget the council spent over $ 21 million to install water modular tanks, $ 4.3 million to rehabilitate sewer system and $6.8 million to upgrade dysfunctional water pipes.

“The council intends to install 2x55cm3 elevated modular pressure balancing reservoir tanks for Nyameni and Cherutombo suburbs which cost $ 43 555 886 to ease water challenges.

Undone Projects

“However, due to a shortfall of funds we only installed 55cm3 tank in Cherutombo which cost $ 21 777 943,” reads the report.

“The council intends to upgrade dysfunctional water mains in selected areas which cost $39 664 295.

“However, due to a deficit of funds the council channel $6 876 084 to upgrade water system in critical areas.

”According to the report council intends to rehabilitate 1km of dysfunctional sewer pipes which cost $30 million and then use $ 4.3 million to rehabilitate 400 meters of sewer pipes.

The council had also proposed $39.7 million to upgrade water supply networks but only got $6.8 million which they used to upgrade water pipes.

According to the proposed budget some of the untouched projects include the revamping of sewer pumping station with costs US$15 million, replacements of main-holes and cover lids on sewer system which cost $20 million.

There is also the creation of metering zones which cost $10 million, replacement of non-functional valves within the distribution system pegged at $15 million and installation of two water pumps for water treatment at Nyambuya dam which cost $50 million.

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