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Disgruntled villagers and residents in Murewa District have written a petition demanding the suspension of Rural District Council (RDC) chief executive officer (CEO) Alois Gurajena whom they accuse of abusing council money.

Gurajena allegedly swindled Council money on the pretext of buying a cellophone before diverting the money to his wife’s Nostro account.

The petition was directed to all three Murewa legislators, the Officer In Charge (OIC) Murewa Police Station and to the Local Government ministry.

The price of the cellphone was pegged at US$1750.

“The CEO Mr Alois Gurajena (must) be suspended from reporting for duty with immediate effect and be charged in line with requirements of the Public Finance Management Act as a matter of urgency.

“An inquiry (must) be made into the alleged cellphone transaction as well as the incomplete 2016 double salaries report by the ministerial audit report, as a matter of urgency,” reads the petition.

The ratepayers said they are disgruntled by Gurajena’s abuse of office.

“The money (US$1 750), as it is alleged, was diverted at Gurajena’s instruction to his wife Blessing’s nostro account instead of the supposed supplier’s account.

This is a clear case of criminal abuse of office by the CEO,” they said.

At least three other top management officials at Murewa RDC also received money to buy cellphones , a move that angered the ratepayers.

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