Murewa CEO Alois Gurajena

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Murewa Rural District Council finance officer Noah Chimboza has resigned after succumbing to pressure from ratepayers and other stakeholders over a flawed 2023 budget.

The local authority is one of the four in the whole country who had their 2023 budget disapproved by government due to a litany of irregularities.

It is reported that Chimboza felt the heat as ratepayers questioned his capabilities on holding such a post and failing to deliver his duties as shown by the 2023 budget scandal.

Government through the Local Government minstry had to dispatch a team to Murewa to assist them in coming up with a better budget.

“Chimboza resigned over the flawed budget.

“He was pressured to leave his post,” a source told Open Council.

Efforts to get a comment from Murewa RDC CEO Alois Gurajena were fruitless.

Finance committee chairperson Israel Maliki confirmed the departure of Chimboza but refused to shed more light on it.

“I heard that he resigned, that is all I know,” he said.

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  1. What led to the resignation of Murewa Rural District Council’s finance officer, Noah Chimboza, and how was the flawed 2023 budget linked to the pressure from ratepayers and stakeholders?

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