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Mabvuku Ward 21 councilor Scott Sakupwanya has begun his campaign for the legislative role by pouring resources into the area.

The mining mogul, whose name creeped into the controversial Al Jazeera Gold Mafia documentary, has begun road projects in Mabvuku.

Various heavy duty vehicles have been rehabilitating local roads as he seeks to win the legislator’s seat for Mabvuku.

Currently he is developing 4.75km of Donnybrook Drive and 4.57km of Mabvuku Drive and Tafara Way.

2.2km of Sinini Street are also undergoing rehabilitation.

Sakupwanya won last year’s ward 21 by-election defeating CCC’s Barnabas Ndira.

Taking Advantage of the Situation

Mabvuku currently has many areas which lack basic infrastructure and the initiative will provide a stern test to the predominant opposition support in the area.

Sakupwanya has been hailed as one of the leading gold traders in the country though there are rumours he is a mere frontman.

In the recent Gold Mafia documentary Sakupwanya is said to have previously worked with George Rudland.

Rudland is a known ally of President Mnangagwa and regularly supports ZANU PF events.

Sakupwanya has also previously rolled out a garbage collection initiative using his own resources in Mabvuku.

However, some residents have queried the long term efficacy of privately funded service delivery.

“We respect all overtures to answer societal problems.

“However, certain systems and structures, such as council, are in place for specific reasons.

“They can’t be replaced by a private individual, we need them to work so that we are not beholden to a person,” said one resident.

However, Harare City Council has struggled to provide services due to various limitations.

The macro-economic situation has also worsened matters for them.

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