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The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority ( ZESA) has accused the Municipality of Marondera of lying to residents that the current water woes are a result of a broken down transformer.

In a notice, council management stated that the massive water shortages are being caused by a faulty transformer affected by lightning and that ZETDC has not been forthcoming in alleviating the issue.

However, this did not go down with ZESA officials in Marondera who accused council of spreading lies on its failure to supply water to the residents.

A power utility company official, in a Whatsap conversation with residents and community leaders exposed the local authority’s engineers who failed to repair an electric motor.

“Council needs to be professional when communicating problems affecting residents.

“They should not be economic with the truth. Blame game doesn’t work”.

“To put the record straight no transformer was faulty but from the findings done, the Zetdc transformer was healthy but challenge was on council equipment.

“Fault findings were done with both Zetdc and council and the fault was found on council equipment.

“Council engineers are failing to wire an electric pump,” said the official.

Marondera Mayor Simbarashe Nyahuye refused to comment on the matter.

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