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(Above)-Former Gweru Town Clerk Elizabeth Gwatipedza

Gweru City Council appears to have settled for a “permanent” acting Town Clerk after recent announcements by the Mayor.

The decision follows the removal of two previous Town Clerks over issues of abuse of office and corruption.

Mayor Martin Chivhoko last week said they have indefinitely postponed the appointment of a substantive Town Clerk.

This is despite having initially advertised for the same position in recent weeks.

‘’We have suspended the process of holding interviews for the town clerk post.

“We are going to recruit the town clerk some other time.

“At the moment everything is moving smoothly with our acting town clerk,’’ he said.

In the interim, Acting Town Clerk Livingstone Churu will carry on.

Dubious Town Clerks

The previous Town Clerk Elizabeth Gwatipedza was fired on December 2 2020.

She was found guilty on two counts of wilful disobedience to a lawful order and gross inefficiency by a disciplinary committee.

Gwatipedza was succeeded by Vakai Chikwekwe who was himself arrested by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission on allegations of criminal abuse of duty.

This was after allegedly awarding tenders in 2020 for developments in Mkoba without following due processes.

Churu, who is now interim TC, was the Finance Director before he took the post on an acting basis.

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