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Nearly 400 people stand to lose over US$2 millon after a land owning family allegedly cancelled its agreement with a land developer.

The Chiduku family comprising of siblings Jeconia, Isaac and Noreen Chiduku allege that they cancelled their agreement with Capevalley in 2022.

However, this was after over 400 people had bought stands at their Swallowfields farm in Norton.

The stands buyers allege that they have the support of Amos Chiduku, the older brother, who owns 50% of the farm.

This is however disputed by the other 3 siblings who allege that they each own only 20%.

Last week members of Swallowfields Residents descended on the town seeking an audience with Capevalley, the Chiduku family, ZRP and Norton Town Council.

However, they got none.

Prior to the meeting Norton Acting Town Clerk Mr Mandude revealed that they couldn’t entertain them since they were not a registered association.

The 3 Chiduku siblings also wrote a letter absolving themselves of any blame or involvement in the matter.

“Furthermore, we want to clarify that we are not part of any fraudulent sale agreement by Capevalley.

“We decline your invitation and recommend that you recover your money from Capevalley Properties Private Limited.

Meanwhile, Capevalley officials did not pitch up for the meeting also.

Radical Approach

This has led to Swallowfields Residents Committee Chairman Tawanda Moyo to advocate for a radical approach.

“We must come and set up our cabins at our stands if we are to win this matter.

“A similar case unfolded in the adjacent Trafalgar area which dragged on for years too,” he said.

Speaking to Open Council some of the victims lamented the slow pace of progress.

“US$7000 isn’t small change.

“Some of us we had to labour to get that money only for someone to now say we can’t build there,” said one Janet Munuwa.

The residents have since promised to petition various national offices to deal with their case.

History of Case

The Chiduku siblings indicated they contracted Drowack Investments to develop the ground in 2018 and it was supposed to complete Phase 1 in December 2020.

However, Drowack Investments began selling stands from other parts even before completing work in Phase 1.

“They sold stands in Phase 1 to Phase 2 and they are now selling in Phase 3 and Phase 4.

“Drowack Investments is not authorised to sell any stands,” they said.

The siblings said they cancelled the contract with Drowack Investments on October 31, 2022.

However, Mr Innocent Sindika from Drowack is on record saying they are still working with Swallowfield and that no contract was terminated.

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