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The poor economy is messing with the brains of many local authorities across the country leading to not-so-funny decisions.

Across the country many are devising crude and enraging ways of making ends meet.


Kwekwe City Council has introduced a road levy as it seeks to repair the city’s poor road network.

At a recent full council meeting, the councillors passed a resolution to introduce the road levy starting with the business and companies sector.

It’s not clear what Devolution Funds, Rates or various other funds are to be used for.


The City of Gweru councillors have actually connived for some dark arts.

They have introduced overnight clamping where motorists found wrongly parked are made to pay US$85.

At night!

It’s an extra-level of evil, punishing one for illegal parking at a time when the whole street is yours to frolick on.


In Kadoma they have actually gone for the jugular, making out mines in residential areas.

The money is to be used for service delivery according to their Mayor.

What a shlock idea!

The Kadoma Councillors allegedly received kickbacks of IS$1000 each to facilitate special mining grants.

As a result, the municipality awarded special mining grants to Simrac Holdings at Chrome Park Residential Area.

This was against the advice by the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development that the area was not fit for mining activities.


The City boys have been busy ripping up a fine road just so as to impress the coming SADC delegates.

Then they have disappearing parking officials who miraculously reappear once you are gone to clamp you tight.

The bill you get will make your day shine and your body sweat.


Chegutu Municipality has been forced to sell its dilapidated properties as the local authority swims in financial challenges including a debt overhang.

Some of the structures being sold include Chegutu beerhall and Chegutu arms.

However, the move has been fought by the Combined Chegutu Residents and Ratepayers Association Trust (CCRRAT).

It’s indeed a daft move where you sell your house to pay-off some beverage debt.


Historically a prime farming area famous for horticultural activities, authorities have lately decided to hell with all that Smithsonian trade.

Instead, they have opened up the area for illegal land deals.

It has turned the area into a mashed tapestry of hustlers with grandiose Nigeria movie double storeys amidst anthill high thatched hovels.

The sight is unnerving, hilarious and a downright afternoon doodle at a Town-Planning school.

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