By staff reporter

ZANU PF Mbare Ward 4 councillor Martin Matinyanya Sunungukai will not be returning to council after this year’s election.

This comes after he traded his councillor post for a chance to win a parliamentary seat in Mbare in the ruling party’s primary elections.

In the 2018 elections, Matinyanya made history by becoming the only councillor from ZANU PF in a council dominated by the then MDC Alliance members.

Matinyanya’s early stint as Mbare councillor came with huge promises that residents in his ward could relate to.

He promised to transform Mbare into a modern area with improved sewer reticulation services as a top priority.

Echoing Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s campaign promises to Mbare of modern apartments and swimming pools.

However, five years later, with his term coming to an end Matinyanya’s election promises are yet to be fulfilled.

Service delivery continues to deteriorate across the city, including Mbare.

Residents continue being exposed to the streams of raw sewage and none of the promises have been fulfilled.

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