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The Marondera business community has implored recently appointed Town Clerk Rinashe Nyamuzihwa to look into a number of issues for the town.

Nyamuzihwa was appointed to the position after the town had gone for three years without a town clerk.

Below are the 10 things which the Marondera Urban Business Forum (MUBF) have ordered Nyamuzihwa to address.

1. There has to be an urgent build up of schools in Shepparton Park and Elmswood.

Also imperative is the building of Rufaro dam and the development of schools like Grasslands Primary , Quota Primary , Inyaguwe Primary , Marirangwe /St Cyprian primaries.

This will help curb the demand for primary education that is coming from dwellers.

2. Equitable and fair distribution of land among the residents.

3.Rescuscitation of recreational facilities like swimming pools and council-run beerhalls.

According to MUBF, “council has to own its own sorghum beer manufacturing plant like Ingwebu, Go Beer, Rufaro, Masimba etc.

“Also, they have to introduce netball pitches so that women in Marondera may train as and when they want just like what men are doing in their coccer pitches.

NB : Recreational grounds have to be increased since it’s only Rudhaka grounds that are available to the residents.

4. Consistency in water supply in the town of Marondera.

This can be achieved through investing in solar energy in pumping water to residents and businesses.

5. Repairing and constructing new roads -good roads make business viable.

6. Introduce by-law that respects parking lots.

7. Shop license fees that attract business not the opposite.

8. To reduce the size of speed humps.

9. Clean free public toilets in town and shopping centres.

10. Social responsibility for example giving gifts to the old age once a year or at least waiving the senior citizens from paying rates.

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