Why Has NRZ Been Failing For Years, Without Competition?

By Correspondent In 2018 state media reported that National Railways of Zimbabwe has received 7 locomotives, 108 wagons and 8 passenger coaches. “The revival of NRZ has begun in earnest,” it enthused. Another 92 wagons and six more locomotives would be delivered at the end of that month. To complete that, the parastatal was reported […]

High Costs Derail Upgrading of Sakubva Stadium

By Own Correspondent The high cost of submitted tenders has stalled the completion of the Sakubva Stadium upgrade exercise, a senior official has said. City of Mutare (COM) acting Town Clerk Blessing Chafesuka said the tender process has hit a brickwall. This is after bidders charged nearly US$1 million to upgrade the turf and drainage […]

Mutare Partners Holiday Inn To Restore Christmas Pass

By Correspondent City of Mutare (COM) and Holiday Inn have partnered to upgrade the city’s welcome site situated at Christmas Pass. “The City of Mutare welcome site located at Christmas Pass is undergoing a refurbishment exercise to restore and upgrade the aesthetic of the site,” eads a council statement. The Welcome Site is situated along […]

Redtape Frustrates Potential Mutare Partners

By Staff Reporter Potential partners for Mutare Council have beamoned that redtape has become a stumbling block to efforts to assist council. The residents said there is excessive use of bureaucracy which means the city is losing opportunities to save money. Ignored Gifts Lynne James, who represents Mutare Rivers Rehabilitation Initiative (MRRI) and is wife […]

Mutare Warns Advertisers Over Noise Pollution

BY STAFF REPORTER The City of Mutare has issued a stern warning against merchandisers causing noise pollution by competing to advertise their wares through electronic gadgets and public address systems in the city center. The local authority said they have received numerous complaints regarding the increase of noise pollution in the city from concerned stakeholders. […]

High Court Cuts Down Minister Moyo’s Powers

By Correspondent The High Court has ruled as invalid a section of the Urban Council Act which Local Government Minister July Moyo was using to change Council decisions. In a statement the Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA), which filed the case, said it was another win for them. “CHRA wins another devolution court case. “The […]

Mutare Goes Dry

By Correspondent Mutare faces a possible dry week as the city authorities are working to have reinstall valves which have been under maintenance for the past three weeks. This was revealed by the City of Mutare Acting Town Clerk Blessing Chafesuka in a statement released this week. “The City of Mutare would like to inform […]

Yeovil, Living With The Dead

By Correspondent Residents of Mutare’s Yeovil suburb are living in constant fear and trauma as their location has literally merged with the adjacent Yeovil cemetery. The cemetery has no wall or ablution facilities resulting in a constant interaction and contact between residents, mourners and dead bodies every day. The United Mutare Residents and Ratepayers Trust […]

Climate Change Threatens Mutare’s Water Sources

By Ndaizivei Majaka Mutare is likely to face severe water shortages as the effects of climate change begin to take effect on its main water source of Pungwe River according to experts. According to research results by De Wit and Stankiewicz the river will experience a “reduction of annual rainfall by approximately 10%, with no […]