By Correspondent

Bindura Municipality councilors granted each other 40% discounts for new stands resulting in a loss of over US$20 000 for the town.

Acting Auditor General Rhea Kujinga has since advised that corrections be made on the 2021 transactions.

“The Municipality granted discounts to Councillors contrary to Ministry of Local Government and Public Works Circular number 12 of 2019.

“Thereby prejudicing the Council of US$20 132 in revenue.

“Discounts given in these allocations was based on total cost of stand instead of land value.

“The circular states that servicing costs should be paid in full.

When asked about the issue Bindura management revealed that they had made an error.

They said they would engage the councillors to adjust selling price.

“Council has invited the Councillors who benefited from the 40% discount to advise and correct the anomaly.

“The Councillors have to pay for servicing and other costs”.

However, no adjustment had been made at the time of the audit report in March, 2023.

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