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Chikangwe, Karoi’s solitary town clinic has been operating since 2018 mainly depending on dam water risking diseases for patients.

The Auditor General Rhea Kujinga has raised this concern in the latest report.

“The Council had only one clinic, Chikangwe Clinic, to serve the whole town.

“In addition, there was no running tap water at Chikangwe clinic.

“Inquiries with management revealed that the clinic was making use of dam water which was not safe for drinking.

Kujinga said there was no evidence of the Council’s plans to solve the water problems at the clinic.

However, Karoi Town officials say they intend to drill a borehole at Chikangwe Clinic.

They will also refurbish the water reticulation at the clinic.

In 2019 Karoi Council resolved to establish a satellite clinic in Kubatana to alleviate the health situation.

“However, at the time of my audit in November 2022, there was no satellite clinic in Kubatana.

Furthermore, Kujinga said no satisfactory explanation was given on why the resolution was not implemented.

Karoi had put Chiedza and Kubatana clinics in its 2021 to 2025 strategic plan.

The tender process to select a contractor for the construction of Chiedza Clinic was done in the year 2022.

Construction of the Chiedza Clinic was set to be done this year.

The project will be financed by devolution funds.

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