By Correspondent

Harare City Council has warned informal traders at the famous 4th Street bus rank to demolish their vending stalls before it carries out operations.

In a public notice released this week Council said some space barons were now illegally renting out space at the site.

“Council has noted with concern the invasion of Fourth Street Bus Terminus by space barons who are creating an illegal market.

“The City is urging the space barons to remove their shacks before Council moves in to assist.

“By this notice members of the public and vendors are being urged not to pay anyone to use tables on the illegal market,” it said.

The authorities said only council officials are mandated to allocate vending spaces.

“Council recognizes the important role played by the informal sector in the national economy especially during this period when our country is facing macro- economic challenges.

“We accept that the informal sector is critical in income generation but there is need to balance that with order and compliance with by-laws,’ it added.

Politically connected space barons have become a challenge for Council as they have taken up varied spaces in the capital.

The same problem of space barons has resulted in the closure of Mupedzanhamo as council was no longer getting anything from the site.

Efforts to deal with the space barons have been hindered by politics as many are linked to the ruling ZANU PF while Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) controls council.

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