By Correspondent

Harare City Council is in the process of installing WiFi at the houses of each of the 46 Ward Councillors at an estimated cost of thousands of United States dollars.

This was revealed by the Harare Residents Trust (HRT) which says the decision shows wasteful expenditure by authorities.

“This is at a time the City of Harare is dismally failing to deliver services to the residents of Harare,” it said.

According to HRT, those Councillors whose houses cannot be connected to WiFi will receive an equivalent amount of money in their bank accounts.

“The City of Harare Councillors and officials are not getting tired of wasteful spending while neglecting service delivery issues affecting the residents of Harare.

“Is it possible that officials are taking advantage of unemployed councillors who wish to make as much money as possible before their terms of office come to an end.

“A majority of them have to benefit from council resources where they have lived on,” it added.

The move by Council mirrors another by central government to install solar systems at the homes of hudrends of senior government officials.

This is also a few days after revelations that MPs, Ministers and their Deputies have begun receiving US$40 000, US$500 000 and US$350 000 ‘loans’ respectively.

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