By Correspondent

The Kadoma Town Council allegedly lost goods worth over US$50 000 in incidents flagged as suspicious by the Auditor General.

“Items worth USD$33 000 constituting inventory and equipment were stolen during the year 2021 before the audit of 2019 was conducted.

“IPSAS 14 – “Events after reporting date” requires such events to be disclosed in the financial statements.

“However, the Council did not make the necessary adjustments and disclosures to the financial statements.

According to the AG report, this was the third time that Kadoma had suffered so huge a loss through theft.

“In addition, the Council inventory worth USD20 447 was stolen on July 31, 2022.

“This was the third time within two years that the Council had lost inventory through theft” the report says.

According to Kadoma Town management the thefts are caused by shortage of manpower.

It also added that security personnel were last trained on weapon handling in 1997.

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