By Correspondent

The Hwange Local Board has threatened to attach property ftom residents over unpaid rates.

In a statement Town Secretary Mabhureni said they will soon issue final demand letters.

“The final demand letters will be issued through legal channels.

“Failure to respond to the final demand letters might culminate in summons being issued.

“(This will lead) to the attachment of movable and immovable property of the debtor.

“Please note that the litigation process will also be extended to all those that have not ensured development on their allocated pieces of land,” he said.

Mabhureni said the law dictates that all land owners are liable to payment of rates.

“Guided by the Title Registration and Derelict Lands Act, Council also has authority to repossess a stand which has gone for over two years without development.

However, residents have decried the move as callous.

The Greater Whange Residents Trust said the economic situation has made things difficult for residents.

“It’s a sad development.

“We still insist that an out of court settlement is the way to solve this issue due to economic hardships which the residents of Empumalanga are facing,” it said.

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