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Marondera Municipality is set to turn the popular Kasipiti Bar into a clinic as the demand for more health centres by residents increases.

The bar is located at the heart of Cherima, the biggest high density residential area in Marondera.

The news was reveal during the May Full Council meeting.

Both council management and councillors unanimously endorsed the move.

Marondera Residents Open Forum (MAROF) director Tapiwa Chengeta has also welcomed.

Chengeta said it was long overdue.

“As residents, we are really delighted with the action taken by council to increase the number of health facilities in the town.

“Cherima, which constitutes of three wards in Marondera, has a high population.

“According to health requirements (that warrants) the existence of a health facility.

“On our service delivery research which we shared with the council last year the issue of distance to the nearest health facility was raised by residents.

“Our excitement as an organization come in that the response of the council answers to the community demands,” he said.

Residents from Cherima have been walking a long distance to Dombotombo Clinic which is currently overwhelmed.

Kasipiti Bar has been leased to residents with council realising almost nothing.

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