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The selection of candidates for the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) remains unconcluded nearly two months after the process began in Norton.

The last exercise held at Ngoni Stadium ended acrimoniously as supporters of candidates verbally attacked each other.

This allegedly followed the hurling of insults by Richard Tsvangirai at fellow aspirants Samuel Matemera and Raymond Mhlanga.

Tsvangirai allegedly called the two “dunderheads”.

The process degenerated into commotion leading to its abandonment.

However this has left many aspirants in limbo.

Incumbent Ward 7 Councilor Douglas Chililo had sought to contest under CCC.

However, after the acrimony he remains in darkness.

As for the three legislative aspirants the same situation prevails.

They are all still campaigning on various platforms in the town.

Tsvangirai has been hailed as the most likely candidate but many have questions about his capacity and character.

They have been accusations of drug abuse by some.

Again, Tsvangirai is said to be politically green to bring anything of value to Norton.

Matemera is a renowned party cadre but is accused of lacking charisma and connection with supporters.

Mhlanga is also popular within party ranks but is deemed too weak to stand up against Temba Mliswa.

Many of the aspiring councilors for CCC are new after the split with MDC-T.

Many of its former Councilors remained with Douglas Mwonzora’s party.

They will likely serve their last terms this year as their party isn’t likely to win any seat.

In Norton MDC-T hasn’t been making any significant moves towards elections.

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