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Self-proclaimed prophet Tapiwa Freddy says he is yet to heal over the demolition of his house by Harare Council.

Freddy’s house in Glen View was demolished last month.

“My residential house was unfortunately demolished on September 28, 2023, by the Harare City Council.

“Recently, I unexpectedly came across some council rates papers and realized that I am still grappling with the pain of losing my home.

According to Council Freddy’s house, together with those of 5 others, was built on a road.

Deputy Mayor Kudzai Kadzombe said they they resorted to demolitions due to local complaints.

“We have received enquiries about why Prophet T Freddy’s house and 5 others were demolished today.

“This was a result of a residents petition as these houses were allocated by council without doing due diligence on a road in 2017.

“It blocked school children and other residents who had to use a longer and dangerous route to go to school and work etc.

However, Kadzombe said all the affected families will be compensated.

“The affected families are in the process of being reallocated new stands.

“Their houses (will be) constructed and materials supplied by the City of Harare builders at no cost to the victims.

Ironically, in 2020 Freddy had his church demolished by City Council again.

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