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Kuwadzana, a suburb Harare, has become the new epicentre of cholera as 80% of cases have been reported there.

Of the 90 cases reported in the capital city, 50 confirmed cases were reported in Kuwadzana.

A total of 145 new cases of cholera were reported across the country according to the Ministry of Health.

On Tuesday a delegation including Minister of Health Dr Douglas Mombeshora and Harare Mayor Ian Makone, visited Kuwadzana.

Long Term Solution

Harare Mayor Mr Ian Makone said the long term solution was to fix the infrastructure.

“We need to address the root causes and it’s about infrastructure.

“I hope that we are able to mobilise the necessary resources for the sewerage reticulation system, water treatment plants and water distribution system down to the last mile.

“If we collaborate we can achieve that,” he said.

Health Minister Dr Mombeshora added that there is need for collaboration to fight cholera.

“We know the epicentre was Buhera but cases there have now come down but yesterday we had 90 new cases in Harare.

“About 80 percent of those new cases came from Kuwadzana.

“We want to work together with City of Harare so that we can map a way forward together,” said Mombeshora.

Again, the Minister also praised the US$14 million provided by the Ministry of Finance towards combating cholera.

However, Mayor Makone also requested for Treasury to allow the city to borrow money from the financial sector.

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