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Norton Town Council Vice Chairperson Reign Mtatabikwa has shifted bases and rejoined Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) as elections beckon.

The Vice Chairperson was never recalled by the MDC-T making many assume that he was part of the party.

However, with less than 5 months before elections he had begun identifying with CCC.

Mtatabikwa and Clr Charles Dube have been part of Norton aspiring MP Richard Tsvangirai’s campaign team.

Speaking on condition of anonymity an opposition official in Norton applauded the move but expressed reservations.

“In the bigger picture of winning elections we accept the move as we want all the support we can get.

“However, it’s clear, looking at the time, that this is a self-preservation tactic by the councilor.

“All this time he operated as part of Mwonzora’s MDC-T and now has changed.

“He is an adult and recognised that there is no political future with Dougie,” he said.

The MDC-T previously recalled three Norton councillors affiliated to the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa.

They included Dube, Rosemary Chinoera and Muchaneta Munyeveri.

The town has a total of 15 councilors with two independent councilors and one from ZANU PF.

However, the Chairperson of NTC Sylvester Gumisirai has remained silent about his affiliation and will most likely contest under MDC-T.

Mwonzora’s political fortunes have steadily waned with each passing day as CCC has emerged as the viable opponent for ZANU PF.

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