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Harare has recorded a suspected case of cholera raising fears of another outbreak.

The City Health Services Department report said the 38 year old woman victim is from Glen View.

Currently she is admitted at Beatrice Road Infectious Diseases Hospital in stable condition.

City Health Services Department director Dr Prosper Chonzi said they conducted a rapid diagnostic test on the woman which turned out to be positive.

“She is still culture negative so we are still trying to do culture sensitivity.

“Cholera is an orally transmitted disease which means that you get cholera if you consume food or water which is contaminated with the bacteria vibrio cholera,” he said.

“If you do not consume contaminated food it means you will not get cholera.

“It is important that we practice good personal hygiene and good social or community hygiene.

The 2008–2009 Zimbabwe cholera epidemic resulted in 98,585 reported cases and caused more than 4,000 deaths.

Dr Chonzi has encouraged residents to use aqua tablets so that they denature the cholera bacteria.

“We encourage you to take food from designated places.

“Do not buy meat from car boots or buy meat that you do not know where it has been stored.

“In terms of surveillance we want people to present themselves early to all the city of Harare facilities if they are unwell.

We are treating all diarrhea cases for free at the City of Harare clinics.”

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