By Correspondent

Gold Mafia has hogged the limelight with sleazy tales of gold batches to Dubai and fake papers at the airport.

Back at Harare Council the situation isnt dire to the same level but is equally lurid. Financially.

The technocrats at Council have been conspiring to act dumb and getting away with it.

According to revelations by the Auditor-General council has not accounted for its wholly owned subsidiaries in its financial statements.

This means that money from council companies is not known much about.

To toast you raw; it has also come out that management reports are being undertaken manually and that balances cannot be produced.

This is because of an absent ERP system.

Harare City Council is financially flying blind and doing somersaults while at it.

There is next to no correlation, in terms of accounting, between what is collected, where and who does the collection.

No wonder at the last Full Council one item on the agenda dealt with a strange deposit of US$16.

However, at that meeting the Audit Committee stated that by mid-February 2023 Council should commence implementation of the ERP.

Today isn’t mid-February or even its end.

It’s the toe-end of March and the ERP system is still nowhere in sight.

The council technocrats are waiting for another meeting to drop a bomb-full of documents and bureaucracy.

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