New Pressure For Gold Mafia Prophet After Fake Promise

By Correspondent Prophet Uerbert Angel is yet to renovate Gwanzura stadium over a year after his famous pledge. The Spirit Embassy founder promised to renovate Gwanzura after reportedly pouring US$50 000 through the OPEAAL Mnangagwa Fund. The Fund was launched after his appointment as Ambassador at large to Europe and Americas. The Gold Mafia star […]

Harare’s Dystopian Future Under ZANU Will Return on The Gold Mafia’s Back

By Wisdom Mumera For long the opposition has sold itself as a bright morning star against the crude darkness of ZANU PF’s faded glory. The standard before it was a low bar set by tired revolutionaries who have debased themselves into compromised socialists. Their socialism now amounts to nothing more than Castro’s olive green military […]

If RBZ Is A Laundromat, Council Is A Bath Tub For Sleazy Technocrats

By Correspondent Gold Mafia has hogged the limelight with sleazy tales of gold batches to Dubai and fake papers at the airport. Back at Harare Council the situation isnt dire to the same level but is equally lurid. Financially. The technocrats at Council have been conspiring to act dumb and getting away with it. According […]