By Wisdom Mumera

For long the opposition has sold itself as a bright morning star against the crude darkness of ZANU PF’s faded glory.

The standard before it was a low bar set by tired revolutionaries who have debased themselves into compromised socialists.

Their socialism now amounts to nothing more than Castro’s olive green military garb at state functions and nothing more.

However, since the opposition finally took control of the capital city the reality has been tired and anti-climatic.

Harare has become more debased and depressing.

The CBD is now a jungle of feverish hustlers, grabbing at every opportunity and open space eking out a living.

Operations carried out by the City Council and ZRP has generally failed to work.

Vendors are everywhere and CBD downtown is slowly creeping in, eating into the formerly affluent sections.

Already, people roasting maize can be found in 1st Street, a formerly respected area, remembered with nostalgia.

Rates and services have gone up and down, respectively.

The capital may be a micro island in a shattered national economy but the opposition has showed little innovation or creativity in leadership.

The Allure of the Gold Mafia

Which brings us full circle back to the attraction of the Gold Mafia circle as an alternative.

Already in Mabvuku gold kingpin, Scott Sakupwanya has rolled out a model for the future in a dysfunctional Zimbabwe.

Instead of waiting for Council, why not have a private citizen with his own garbage collection trucks.

His branded trucks have been going around collecting garbage for residents.

They are not looking the gift horse in the mouth!

Already, he has been rewarded with a legislative nomination up from being a Councilor.

The gold-backed gangs in ZANU PF have decided to use the laundered money, stolen or clean gold to fund and drive their political campaigns.

Last month 38 chiefs were given brand new vehicles whose funding cannot be established through Treasury.

All those who won the ZANU PF primary elections for the National Assembly and Senate are reportedly set to get vehicles too and campaign funding.

The depth of funding within ZANU PF is so vastly different from the sparse donor-funded morsels in the opposition, it’s so unfair.

And unfairness wins elections!

Different Approaches!

Whereas the primary elections winners in ZANU PF can be generally reduced to a single adjective of the ‘monied’, the same cannot be said about the opposition.

It has sought to focus on the theoretical and romantic.

This week Chamisa was talking about capacity, educational qualifications, consensus and representation.

Unfortunately, the full meaning of those qualities can only be understood on a full stomach.

In ZANU PF money ruled and money is set to do the same going forward.

It is money, illicitly acquire through shady deals like the gold trade, that will upper-cut the opposition.

With an imploded economy the ruling party may have just devised a plan for vigilante service delivery.

It will give dishes ( Mayor Wadyajena), hampers (Scott Sakupwanya) , water in bowsers (Raj Modi), meat (Dexter Nduna), motorbikes (Phillip Chiyangwa, transformers (Mary Mliswa) and roads when the President is coming your way.

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