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Prophet Uerbert Angel is yet to renovate Gwanzura stadium over a year after his famous pledge.

The Spirit Embassy founder promised to renovate Gwanzura after reportedly pouring US$50 000 through the OPEAAL Mnangagwa Fund.

The Fund was launched after his appointment as Ambassador at large to Europe and Americas.

The Gold Mafia star pledged to transform the stadium into a ‘mini FNB’.

FNB Stadium is an 87 436-seater stadium, the largest venue in South Africa which hosted the 2010 World Cup Final.

However, nothing of significance has been done since the promise a year ago.

Gwanzura has since become overgrown with weeds while water pipes that would have been supposedly sprinkling the turf never got delivered.

Angel’s fake promise has resulted in council making its own plans for the stadium.

An official from Harare Council said it is in the process of crafting plans to breathe new life into Gwanzura Stadium.

Already, Council is in the process of sprucing up Rufaro Stadium in a joint venture with City Parking.

“Gwanzura will also be fixed.

“The timelines will be clarified when the mapping is complete,” he said.

Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume has also scoffed at Angel’s false promise.

Mafume said the City Fathers will not lease out stadiums to individuals and singled out Angel for criticism.

“Right now I’m under pressure from prophets, land barons and individual people who want to take our stadiums.

“The last time we had some prophet wanting to take Gwanzura Stadium.

“He then built two toilets and then went around saying he had sponsored the Gwanzura Stadium,” he added.

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