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The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) last month refused to accept an application by Norton independent councilor Laston Tachiona to represent them in the 2023 elections.

Tachiona is currently the independent councilor for Norton Ward 12 but wanted to represent CCC in the legislative polls.

However, the move was refused by the local party leadership as his conditions were untenable according to a source.

“Tachiona wanted to cross-over and become part of CCC.

“We all recognise that he has a track record in the community but his conditions were bad.

“He wanted to come in and be an uncontested candidate for CCC, which we couldn’t accept.

The source revealed that the party already has candidates who include Richard Tsvangirai and 2018 contestant Samuel Matemera.

Instead, Tachiona joined ZANU PF where he lost to Constance Shamhu in the primary elections held last month.

Conditions For Candidates

CCC has revealed that it will be selecting its candidates for the elections on 5 April.

It has set tough literacy conditions for selection into local authorities including need for track records on local governance matters.

An internal party document titled, ‘Citizens And Community Consensus Candidate Selection Procedures’ sets out the conditions.

Relevant professional qualifications will be a prerequisite for candidates willing to stand for mayoral and council chairperson positions.

Mayors, deputy mayors, council chairpersons and committee chairpersons at both council and Parliamentary levels need to undergo an “aptitude” test.

This will be used to assess their ability to take the leadership positions.

However, some have decried the system saying it will remove those who are popular and can win the party more votes.

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