By Loreen Tadzingwa

Kadoma Central legislator Muchineripi Chinyanganya has told Parliament that most municipalities in the country are not remitting pensions they are deducting from workers.

The development is likely to put the lives of pensioners in danger as they will not have anything to fall back on after retirement.

Speaking in the National Assembly, Honourable Chinyanganya said the development is rampant throughout all local authorities in the country.

“The issue of erosion of pension funds by inflation affects the way pensioners live their day to day lives. There should be modalities put in place by the pension houses to make sure that those remittances are not eroded by inflation and this should be done through the proper investment of those remittances.

“Another pertinent issue is that local authorities are not remitting deducted funds to pension houses. This is rampant throughout all the local authorities.

“We call upon the Ministry of Local Government to make sure that local authorities are remitting deducted funds to pension houses so that when workers retire they are paid their dues,” he said.

Chinyanganya’s sentiments were also echoed by Chegutu West legislator Dexter Nduna who concurred that the situation was true especially for Chegutu Municipality.

Municipalities not remitting workers pension

Municipalities not remitting workers pension

“The people of Chegutu West want these issues to vociferously and effectively come out arising from my debate. The issue of pensions, contributions, medical aid and other ancillary contributions attached to that is a challenge and a problem.

“The monies that have been received and deducted from the payslips of workers from time immemorial in these local authorities have been misused by council officials.

“Forget the councillors because they have been voted into office. What is happening is that the accounting officers of these local authorities, Chitungwiza included and Chegutu municipality as well – they have been taking these monies and utilising them for other things other than the primary intended purpose,” he said.

According to Honourable Nduna, failure to remit what has been deducted is criminal and should be stopped immediately.

“What is the challenge? It so happens much to the chagrin of the workers because as they go to any medical institution, they are not covered. When it is time for them to get their pensions, they are not covered again.

“That is criminal and fraudulent. It is not right and should be stopped and nipped in the bud because of this report that has been tabled here. If it has been going on, it has to come to a screeching halt,” he said.

Municipalities not remitting workers pension

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